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Manage weight the right way

Today, over 2 billion people worldwide are fighting stress, obesity, hectic lifestyles, and unhealthy habits. More than half of those people are trying to fix it at least once a year. Although, the number of people suffering keeps growing bigger and bigger every day.

Wonder why? Because most of the existing solutions for wellness concentrate on fast results instead of long-lasting ones.

Wrong Way

You are continuously lying to yourself that you should follow the best new diet. They are made for the masses, not for you. You won't like the ingredients, meals, eating once per day, or the food's consistency (smoothies? yuck!) and will eventually quit it. Then find a new diet a few months later and do it all over again.

Right Way

Before starting your wellness journey, ensure that you have a specific plan that matches your lifestyle, habits and food preferences. It’s always easier to adjust your lifestyle, rather than change it entirely. Complete a quick questionnaire to personalize your book that will help you succeed.

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300+ pages packed with personalized resources to help you reach your healthy weight goal while enjoying delicious healthy food you choose and more.

Personalized meal plan

Reshape Your Body by Eating What You Love

Studies show 90% of body shape depends on diet, not exercise. That’s why we focus on a solid healthy meal plan where you hand-pick every ingredient. That means no willpower. No restrictions. And no calorie counting. Just yummy healthy meals you’ll love. Results. And success.


Get a Personalized Health Plan in Minutes

It used to take hours of consultations for a dietitian to dial in your diet. Today, smart algorithms can tailor a personalized health plan in minutes. Simply answer 28 questions including your weight goal, body type, food preferences, stress levels, health condition, and dietary restrictions in our quick quiz – let technology do the grunt work of personalizing a health plan almost instantly.

Jessica Norman

48 years old

I've been jumping from one diet to another, trying this and that, but nothing, nothing, nothing worked. I've been following my personalized book for 7 months now, and guess what? I've never had a single thought that I couldn't do it. It's that easy, because it's written just for me.


Support Your Body Towards Better Health

Discover how to deal with anemia, IBS, high cholesterol, GERD, gastritis, celiac disease, lactose and gluten intolerance, tree nut and peanut allergies, and more, according to certified nutritionists.


Achieve Long-Term Health Transformation

Escape the yo-yo dieting cycle and reap major long-term health benefits with personalized tiny daily tweaks to your routine that don’t disrupt your entire life.


Healthy Body Starts With a Healthy Mind

Food can help overcome a bad day. But it’s a crutch. Our personalized mindfulness techniques help you to balance the daily ups and downs without turning to food for comfort.


You’re in Safe Hands

We don’t print your book until one of our certified nutritionists double-checks that it meets your quiz answers. Rest assured your allergies and dietary restrictions are taken into account.


From Setbacks to Results

Temporary setbacks are a part of the health journey. Beyond Body shows how to welcome and celebrate your “cheat days,” as well as pick yourself up whenever you think you spoiled it.


Measure Your Progress Knowing Where You Start

Get a snapshot of your BMI, biological age, nutrition requirements, and more details about your current state of health that make wellness both visible and measurable.

Extra content

And tons of extra content

That will be tailored according to your quiz results! After all, this book is written FOR YOU and ABOUT YOU , so it will always be a part of your life. This is our promise to you!

Abbie Rose

42 years old

I'm a research-kind-of-person that ate more content about weight loss on the internet than I should've. I got lost in all the knowledge and different diets. Stumbling upon a personalized book seemed like a miracle. Now I have it all in one book, all planned out for me, so I can sit back and enjoy the ride. So I can spend time searching for my new favorite dress instead.

Real People With Real Results

Sharing a few success stories below

Nathalie Tonfack San Francisco, CA

I've spent countless nights blaming myself for eating that extra piece of cake or getting take-away "for a friend." After finding this personalized book, I've stabilized my cravings, brought back my self-esteem, and continuously lose pounds week after week. I couldn't have done it without it, and I'll be forever thankful for writing a book just for me.

Fabienne Sanfilippo Paris, France

I'm a busy woman that spends most of the time in the office. I don't have time to cook complicated meals, and I'm not too fond of smoothies (cleaning a juicer is ridiculous). I don't even have time to think about what I want to eat, and I don't want to. That's why I love my personalized book. Absolutely everything is planned out, simple, and effective. Just how I love it. It's a no brainer for this price.

Eva Nicolas Barcelona, Spain

Obesity is in the roots of my family. I've been fighting with it for my whole life. Having a fully personalized book makes it so much easier. I love how it is organized and simple to follow. It doesn't even feel like a diet, but the pounds are dropping like crazy!

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