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Mikayla D.

“I wanted to lose weight because one of my doctors had told me I needed to get my healthy lifestyle back on track. It was hard to find the right diet because I have various allergies and digestive issues. But now I can definitely say that I’m delighted because I found a fully personalized book for my needs which actually works!”

Angela B.

“When I received my book, I was very excited because the recipes, tips, and other information included all contributed to my excitement of continuing my health journey. I wanted to lose weight because I wanted to feel healthier and take charge of my healthy diet, exercise, and habits in the hopes of changing my lifestyle for the better. I highly recommend this program because it’s good to have some structure starting out, and then once you get the tools you need, you can do it all on your own in the long run!”

Mary K.

I love this book! It not only got me to loose 16 lbs and an insane amount of inches but it gave me the confidence I so desperately needed! I am a mother of two and really needed help with loosing not only the baby weight of 2 almost back to back pregnancies but lbs of stress weight as well! I committed and I haven't looked back! I started out at 182 lbs and on day 28 I was 166 lbs! Since my first book I have purchased another to keep the food varied! and it has been amazing! Since my second book I am down to 162lbs and am down 2 pants sizes! I have been working out maybe twice a week and following my book! Love it!!!!

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Chhavi Verg

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